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           Heaven, Husbands and Hormones                   I'm sharing my thoughts on these topics with you because I am still learning even after forty years of marriage and parenting. As I grow stronger in my faith, my marriage and in my roles as wife, mother and grandmother, I will share these little "pearls of wisdom" with you on the blog page.

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Are you carrying around wounds from your past?

Do you fill your inner thoughts with negativity about yourself and others?

Are the words that come out of your mouth causing others to feel uplifted or discouraged?

Do you carry around the dead leaves and branches of your life that are preventing you from reaching the full potential of what God created you to be?

The purpose of pruning trees and plants regularly is to remove the dead, diseased, or damaged stems and branches that may inhibit their growth.  This helps plants to grow, bloom, and give their best display of beauty and vibrant re-growth.  As a result of pruning, a plant ends up being healthier and stronger and is better equipped to fight-off diseases and potential damage. The plant is being trained in how it should grow.

When God allows us to experience physical, emotional, or spiritual suffering, He is pruning us.  It is not a punishment; it is a reward. What is being pruned is our arrogance, pride, envy, anger, bad habits, and many other vices. 

When we suffer from physical ailments such as disease, injuries, or old age, we are forced to simplify our lives and trust in God at a deeper level. Pruning is not meant to hurt us, but rather it is meant to cut off or purge us of the things that are preventing us from living our lives at our full potential for God.

At times, God allows the pruning tool of fear, anxiety, or desperation to be used on us so that we will multiply our efforts to pray to Him and surrender ourselves to His loving care. Pruning helps us disconnect from the overgrowth of negative self-talk, worldliness, indifference, selfishness, impatience, and laziness.

When we are pruned, we are being prepared for our future growth.  We can grow and bloom with a new attitude, and give our best display of beauty, which allows us to positively influence the lives of others. Isn’t that what we are doing when we raise our children? We are pruning them for their future growth and development.

Pruning gives us the chance to re-evaluate our lives, cut off the issues that are holding us back, and emerge with new growth and a more vibrant attitude. As a result, we end up healthier and more resilient in our ability to handle our families, businesses, and any future suffering that may come our way.

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