"Great story to teach children the harm in gossip and the value of treating others with kindness and compassion.."

"Stacy and Tracy are very realistic young ladies and have challenges that children would find relate-able."

"The lesson is one that needs to be taught over and over again to all ages! Love this book. I will be purchasing copies for my children’s school too."

"Every person should read this book!"

"This book is well written and the illustrations are beautiful."

"I can’t wait to read it to my children at bedtime."

"our daughters love hearing mom or dad put their own names in the story so they can experience firsthand their adventures."

"Our kids got even more excited when I told them this was just first book of 7"

"Thank Georgette for writing a book that teaches our children life long virtues without lecturing them!"

"As I read this story to our 5 young children, I had their undivided attention the whole time (which is VERY rare to obtain!)"

"The kids LOVED the book!! They were able to recall times they had gossiped and discussed why it was wrong, without me even asking them about it!"

"This is a book that all parents and teachers should have on hand!!!"