The Adventures of Stacy and Tracy: How To Turn Gossip Into Kindness and The Adventures of Stacy and Tracy: How To Turn Laziness into Hard Work are delightfully written and illustrated books that teach your children about the dangers of gossiping about others and what can happen if someone becomes lazy.

Stacy and Tracy are two young, adorable fictional sisters who discover some of life’s valuable lessons, thereby teaching young readers and listeners virtues that will help them grow into confident, mature, responsible and loving adults.

the adventures of stacy and tracy


book 1


book 2

Stacy and Tracy heard some gossip about the old woman on the hill. They did not want to go near her or her scary house. Their mother had other ideas though and she wanted to teach them a lesson on kindness.

Stacy and Tracy had started to become too lazy to put things away after using them. This procrastination became a problem for them and their mother helps them learn the secret to becoming a hard worker.

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